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Our Milestone

PT. Sentosa Solusindo Komputama established in October 19th, 2022 as an Innovative Company in IT Infrastructure Provider which handles IT Equipments, Materials & Services, as well as procuring Order for Multinational Companies National wide. Currently PT. SSK established its base in:  Ruko Mall Mangga Dua, no. 11, Jl. Mangga Dua Raya - Jakarta 10730.

PT. SSK, built and developed by competent experts in IT Industry, and supported by outstanding clients around Indonesia.

PT. SSK is committed to participate to ensure the development of IT Industry in Indonesia, and actively expanding more division in  its organization to support its Vision & Mission for better future.

PT. SSK is focused on enhancing customer value in which improving their IT Ecosystem Quality both inside the organization and outside the organization (Client's client).


What we support to our clients are not just the hardware or software, but more to the business solution in package. With our proposed package, customers can rest assured that their IT Infrastructure is well handled. 

Our Mission

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